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The Good Family

An aging Don with one year to live attempts to buy an illigitimate son he had 16 years ago from the mother for a million dollars, feeling that it would be his only good deed in life His sister also has a drug addicted son who she feels should be next in line and she hires two dimwitted hit men to cause problems. It all comes to a violent end.

David's Child

A successful writer loses his daughter in a drowning mishap. Weeks later he sees a girl that looks identical to his "dead" daughter. People say he is going crazy...his response "A father knows his own daughter...and that is my daughter.

Final Draft

A beautiful movie "extra" befriends a famous older film director with her own secret agenda and will stop at nothing to become his wife and heir to all his riches...even murder.

The Thrill

A happily married man is tempted into an affair with a sexy female college student later to discover to his dismay that she is only a small part of a well established rich group of film students who take pride in filming everything, including the affair.

Out of the Darkness

Based on the best selling book by Spider Jones, Nick Marciano felt honoured that Mr. Jones asked him to write this script, covering his life from the dark days in Detroit to his successful days working for Canada's most listened to radio station, CFRB.

American Rock

A small town near Nashvillie is losing it's last rock and roll station and going to an all talk format. The D.J. is determined to throw one last rock and roll concert. A symbolic and humourous tale of where rock and roll went wrong.

Young Killer

An older teen (Johnny) comes home to find his mother brutally killed and raped. When justice isn't served, he takes it upon himself to seek that same justice and kills the man responsible for his mother's death. His girlfriend, along with an old homeless man and woman are some of the many characters that join him on the run, not only from the law but from the dead man's brother.

God, Demons and Other Things

God's Younger son, Jesus' brother seeks permission from his Father to go down to earth convinced he can change things for the better. God relents and finally allows his younger son to persue his dream of succeeding where Jesus failed.

Nico and Moira

A tender love story about an Irish beauty who delays her own marriage in Ireland for a week to attend a funeral in Pittsburg and ends up falling in love with a state trooper.