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David's Child

Currently in production. The Feature film David's Child based on the novel.


The book was released on October 4th 2011. Available at all major bookstores, Tate Publishing online bookstore & Amazon.

With a flair for creating flowing dialogue with his original stories, Nick has selected one of his favourite screenplays 'David's Child' and shaped it into his 1st Novel.

Teaser from the book:

Things have always come easy for David Turner. He's a handsome, best-selling author, and he's expecting a child with his beloved wife, Diane. When Diane is tragically killed in a car accident, everything changes. Seven years later, David still hasn't written another book. Writing doesn't come as easily to him anymore. David's publisher, Mr. Steamer, harasses him constantly. The only thing holding David together is his miracle daughter, Cathy.

Somehow, Cathy survived the car accident.

Now David's entire life revolves around his daughter. After intense pressure from Mr. Steamer, David agrees to write erotic novels against his better judgment. He only wanted to provide for Cathy. That moment of weakness, however, sets off a series of events that will forever change David's life. The exact moment David signs the contract, Cathy drowns in the community pool. David finds himself at the lowest point of his life, not caring whether he lives or dies. Why does it seem that God is punishing him? A year later, when David is finally piecing his life back together, he sees a little girl across the parking lot with the same hair as Cathy. Possessed by something deep within him, David follows her. What he sees stops him in his tracks and catapults him into a sea of confusion where no one believes him; and everything seems to be spinning out of control. Are David's suspicions correct? Does Mr. Steamer have something to do with his daughter's supposed death? On the threshold of being deemed insane, David begins a relentless pursuit of the truth. He moves forward with the only option available: to unearth his daughter's grave and look inside. Will the truth of David's Child be revealed?

Review of the book by Dr. John Young, MD, Dollar, Scotland, UK The Christian themes of sin leading to consequences, forgiveness, life after death and going to Heaven but not coming back formed the basis of a very imaginative parable-like story in a modern setting. The close family bonds and the events surrounding the loss of the two children are skillfully handled, equally so the climactic meeting in Heaven. Describing Heaven could never be an easy undertaking but Nick Marciano did well in achieving an appropriate balance of dramatic effect, leading to a cliffhanging finale.

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